CORDURA®︎ Protector Rider's T-Shirt

Provides easy and excellent safety for summer biking
CORDURA®︎ Protector Riders T-shirt

Do you have any of these problems in your summer motorcycle life?

Specialized equipment for summer riders is hot and diverges from everyday fashion
I want to ride my bike in a cool way, but a T-shirt is not safe.

Dark's solution to this problem.
"CORDURA®︎ Protector Riders T-Shirt"

As motorcyclists, we are surrounded by dangers. In such a situation, it is not always possible to have “proper safety equipment” for daily short trips. However, we also want to look fashionable. This product allows riders to enjoy their lives in the same clothes as usual.

Five product features

(1) Everyday feeling that you can't tell the protector is in place

The most important feature is “an everyday look that is completely unrecognizable even with the protector in place. Anyway, what we were conscious of was dressing “as usual.

Protector can be placed on all sides. Full guard without compromise.

Protectors are placed on all sides of the chest, shoulders and back. It looks like a normal outfit, but boasts excellent impact resistance. Of course, the protectors are removable.

(3) Protect your body even if you fall down. Use of "CORDURA®︎" fabric with excellent abrasion resistance

CORDURA®︎ is a registered trademark of INVISTA for strong and durable fabrics. Compared to ordinary nylon, CORDURA®︎ is a fabric fiber that is extremely strong, durable, and abrasion resistant, withstanding friction from asphalt and other materials. The product is made of jersey fabric with a portion of CORDURA®︎ woven into the fabric.

(4) 12 oz. heavy ounce without flapping

The general denim is about 14oz, but if you think of it as being about the same thickness as that, it would be closer to your image. The slub pattern on the surface is also a point of interest. The fabric also has a wonderful feel.

(5) Quick-drying properties that are great in summer

The characteristics of the CORDURA fabric also give it a quick-drying function. The mixing of certain chemical fibers also allows for good breathability. This allows the wearer to maintain a comfortable condition even when not riding.

Available in three colors and four sizes.

The following three colors are available
Dark Navy
Off White

Choose from four sizes: S, M, L, and XL. You can also choose whether you want the protector included in each product or sold separately.

A protector to easily guard the elbow is also planned at the same time.
Discount on setup!

Enjoy your summer biker life in style and safety!

Safe, Casual, and Cool

Provides easy and excellent safety for summer biking
CORDURA®︎ Protector Riders T-shirt
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