Biker's wallets, do you have any of these problems?

Many leather wallets are vulnerable to rain.
Waterproof wallets are rarely designed to your liking.

Dark's solution to this problem.
Waterproof] Biker Wallet

When touring, you may get wet due to unexpected heavy rain. Many leather wallets are damaged quickly when they absorb water from the rain. However, when touring, you want to wear a wallet with a design that “dares to show off”. This product is the result of such a thought.

Three features of the product

(1) Water resistance that will not be defeated by touring in the rain

This time, waterproof leather is used as the material. In addition, the product uses the brand’s waterproof technology called “RAISER MOON®” originally developed by Keiyo Chemical, which prevents water from seeping in through the seams, which is a weak point. For the zipper, YKK uses an original water-repellent zipper.

(2) "Dare to show" wallets and chains

Wallet chains were popular in the 90s. We have recreated the “dare to show off” style wallet and chain from those days. The color is “black and gold” that looks good on motorcycles and riders.

(3) Skull with brand motif

The brand motif, the skull, is applied to the wallet, chain, and zipper pulls. The theme of the Mexican skull is “rebirth,” which represents the transmission and rebirth of MADE in JAPAN.

Wallets and chains are also available individually.

Enjoy a stylish biker life!

Can be used without hesitation even in sudden rain
Waterproof] Biker Wallet & Chain
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