We are planning the next crowdfunding in May! The planned product is “Biker T-shirt & Arm Sleeve”

Yami's next crowdfunding project

Now, As I wrote in the project report, The next announcement will be posted on this blog. Conducted at Makuake last week, Crowdfunding project for denim jackets and pants , We have shipped the product to everyone who supported us.

It’s a small project, but I’m glad that some people want it. Even when I’m busy, I definitely write a single message like the one in the picture. Now that everything is automated on the net and completed, it’s the people who are in the back after all. I wish I could convey it even a little. (Sorry for the dirty letters)

The next project is “T-shirt & arm sleeve”

This is my first summer project. The contents are T-shirts for bikers

It is an arm cover (arm sleeve?).

As an issue I focused on, I like traveling in the summer, but anyway, the jacket for spring and summer is hot and painful. (Although the safety aspect is the best)

We have planned products that make it easy, fashionable, and safe to travel.

I wish I could have a rougher and cooler lifestyle. Scheduled to be released around May. Apparently, if you can’t make a sample, you can’t make a crowdfunding project itself. A sample will come soon.

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I hope to update the situation from time to time. Please follow me.

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