Waterproof Denim Riders Jacket & Pants Product Introduction

Introducing “Waterproof Denim Riders Jacket” and “Waterproof Denim Riders Pants” from our original brand “Yami” which is particular about Made in Japan.This time, it will be a product commercialized in this “Makuake” project.


Waterproof-denim-setup_ Waterproof Denim Setup-1

This time, we planned products based on three main concepts.

  1. Product taste that does not impair fashion
  2. Good safety. Abrasion resistant with CORDURA denim. A protector can also be inserted
  3. It’s okay even in the rain. Uses special water repellent & waterproof zipper

    This time, while maintaining the taste and comfort of a high brand, we have added abrasion resistance, waterproofness, safety and so on.

I’m a denim enthusiast myself, but if I prioritize safety on a motorcycle, it’s inevitably contrary to everyday fashion. I wish I had such a product, so I created it.

Product Summary

This time, we planned the following two products.

1: Waterproof denim riders jacket

2: Waterproof denim riders pants

Waterproof-denim_ Waterproof Riders Denim

Product features

1: Product taste that does not impair fashion

First of all, the features of this product were created while ensuring fashionability while incorporating advanced functionality. If fashionability is impaired, it will be the same as other ordinary products. I love brand denim myself. We aimed for a silhouette that would not lose.


This is the one I was most conscious of in the production.

The top is a simple denim jacket. Styling that can be loose-fitted by increasing the size. The pants were created with an emphasis on silhouette. The hem is finished in a narrowed tapered silhouette.

The mold was devised by draping, and I tried to finish it so that it would not be noticed even if I put the protector pad on my shoulder or knee. The above wearing image has a pad, but I made it so that I can not understand it.

Of course, the finish is beautiful even if the protector is removed. You can choose according to your preference.


The fabric itself is stretchy so it’s comfortable to wear. We also process bellows, which is common in rider’s apparel. Supports posture even on bikes with a high waist position and road bikes with a high forward leaning posture.

one point

The Mexican skull that is a symbol of the brand.

Yami-Mexican Skull

I also created the original button.

2: It’s okay even in the rain! Waterproofing and waterproofing measures

Next is excellent functionality. It has waterproofing and clothing functions that can be used without problems in light rain.

Water repellent finish throughout the product

First of all, special processing is applied to the entire fabric. If it rains a little, you can prevent water from seeping through the seams.

Water repellent finish throughout the product
Water repellent finish throughout the product

It’s a little rainy, and it’s functional enough if you go down the road.

The principle of this water-repellent treatment is the same as the water-repellent treatment of umbrellas, so the effect will be restored if you dry it with a dryer.

Uses a waterproof zipper

All waterproof zippers are used to keep water out of your clothes pockets and placket. Uses the world-class Made in Japan brand YKK waterproof zipper 5th.

Uses a waterproof zipper

You can rest assured that you have a digital device in your jacket pocket.

Detachable hood

The hood can be attached and detached depending on the situation. Even if you get off your bike or bicycle, you can act immediately.

Detachable hood

5: Consideration for safety

And this product is made on the assumption that it will be used hard. Created with rider safety in mind.

Uses CORDURA®︎ fabric

Uses CORDURA®︎ fabric

The fabric is made by CORDURA®︎. CORDURA®︎ is a registered trademark of INVISTA for fabrics with excellent strength and durability. It is a fabric that is often used for clothing such as the military, police, and firefighters. It is 7 times stronger than nylon and has excellent durability and abrasion resistance, which is useful in high-load situations.

In the figure on the left, the orange graph is the value of CORDURA denim, and the gray graph on the right is the value of abrasion resistance of normal cotton denim.
Quote: https://www.cordura.com/en/Fabrics/denim-fabric

I also knocked it down once in private and rubbed the dough with asphalt, but it was all right. It’s a good fabric.

Protector can be inserted

It is possible to insert protectors in various places. Supports shoulders, elbows and knees.

Protector can be inserted

Wearing image & size

The size of the wearing model is here.

・Model height:172cm
・Model body weight:65kg
・ Model wear size: M

Size chart

・ Waterproof riders jacket

Size (cm)

shoulder width4042444648
Sleeve Length6365676868

・ Waterproof riders denim

Waterproof-denim-pants_waterproof denim pants_1-1

Size (cm)

Hem width13.514151617

* Denim has tight eyes from around the knees. If you want to wear it loosely, we recommend one size up.

Product page link

Each product can be purchased from the page below.

And if you have any concerns, please feel free to send us a message from the page below. Thank you.

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