[Crowdfunding in progress! ]
Heavy Ounce Riders T-shirt & Arm Sleeve
with protector!

I told you before, Crowdfunding finally started It is a notice of. Pay attention to the rider’s summer appearance. We have created a product that allows you to easily, fashionably maintain safety, and live a life with a motorcycle.

This crowdfunding is the best product for customers who have the following problems!

  • Summer rider equipment with excellent safety is inevitably hot and deviates from everyday fashion
  • I want to ride a motorcycle coolly in the summer, but a T-shirt is dangerous

This time, we are planning a T-shirt and arm sleeve that you can ride in your usual style without sacrificing fashion. Click here for product points.

  1. Feel free to wear it as usual even in the summer! It’s a T-shirt that looks natural even though it has a protector.
  2. Minimal damage to your body even if you fall on asphalt! Uses heavy ounce “CORDURA®︎” fabric with excellent abrasion resistance.
  3. Water absorption and quick drying for the harsh summer environment! A comfortable bike lifestyle at any time.

▼ Click here for the crowdfunding page

Japan: https://www.makuake.com/project/yami/
overseas: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yozakura/protector-in-heavy-ounce-riders-t-shirt-and-arm-sleeves

It is a product that can make your “life with a motorcycle” even more wonderful in the summer. If you are interested, please see the above page. I would be grateful if you could support me. Thank you!

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